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BRONZi Blonde

"Rhythm and Dance, insufficiently describes this eclectic band. Whilst in one moment BRONZi Blonde may draw from funk influences, in another they might slip into indie rock or tear into wailing vocals reminiscent of Jack White (along with blues-influenced doses of guitar and harmonica). Yet, regardless of the genre, the band still manages to incorporate hip hop beats and satisfyingly-drawling vocals into every track. They have mastered consistency whilst embracing the capacity for almost-endless sonic evolution...

...BRONZi Blonde...is a concoction of rhythmic, swagger-fuelled, manic, stoner-pop psychedelia; a drunken Beck rolling out pop hits with an understated shrug of his shoulders. But the band should ensure they match their hard-hitting lyrics with intoxicating melodies more often, because, when it works, it becomes impossible to resist repeated listens." 
-Emerging Indie Bands