MIMLES INSPIRATION 70+ hours in 6 days

Mario & Luigi

Mario A& Luigi Mural

Ethereal Loft

Space Mural

Bob Marley

Bob marley Spray Paint Mural Midtown Nashville, TN

Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton Mural


Elvis Mural

Ray Charles

Ray Charles Mural

Shoot Your Eye Out

Shoot Your Eye Out


Freehand Spraypaint DMX Mural

Al Green

UV spray paint Al Green

Grandad Mural

A Mural of My Grandfather

Jack White

Jack White Mural

Brittany Howard

Brittany Howard. Freehand Spray paint on Cinderblock. 9' x 5'

Galactic Jungle

Galactic Jungle. Indoor Mural for Fat Kat Slims. Spray paint on Drywall 8' x 12'

Cereal Bus

Cereal Bus. Freehand Spray paint on Bus for Captain Krunchy

Matt Shultz

Matt Shultz, Freehand Spray paint on Cinderblock

Marley Black & White

Marley Black & White

Pinesol Lady

Pinesol lady Freehand Spray paint on Stucco

Nashville Skyline

Nashville Skyline. Spray paint on Cinderblock


Miley. Freehand Spray paint on Cinderblock

Musicville Lounge

Musicville Lounge

Musicville Front Design

Musicville Front Design

Musicville Lounge Fullview

Musicville Lounge Fullview

Indiana Bat

Live mural painted for Crystal Bridge's Museum

Cobra Killer

Cobra Killer. Backdrop for East Nashville Music Venue, The Cobra.Freehand Spray paint on Mesh Screening, 8' x 15'

This Pizza is Outa This World!

This Pizza is Outa This World! Mural for Obie's Pizza, Nashville 6' x 40' in Nashville's historic Rock Block, off Elliston Street near Exit\In and The End.

"Ringin Anita's Bell"

I painted a mural of the queen of disco, Anita Ward, in my neon, color-burst TZKEY style for Paint Memphis. Painted in downtown Memphis, in the Broad Ave Arts District across from Wiseacre brewery. 

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